win others to CHRIST
by preaching the message of the gospel; (Matthew 28:18-20)
patiently watching, waiting and praying for His coming – Maranatha (Luke 21:35-36; Revelation 22:17)
Watching & Waiting
we are saved to serve the purpose of God within our communities... (James 2:15-18)
TRANSFORMING communities


Global Harvest Outreach & Christ Harvest Centre aka THE HARVEST ARMY, is a UK Registered Church Based Christian Charity. Set up in 2001 on the foundational scripture of Revelation 22:12: "And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be..."

- Our sole purpose is to prepare ourselves, our Communities, Cities and Nations for the imminent Second Coming of our Saviour and Lord JESUS CHRIST. The Global Harvest Outreach operation is comprises of two distinct works:

Community Churches and Fellowships

Christ Harvest Centre (CHC) is a growing multi-cultural Pentecostal church in the heart of London – with midweek fellowship centres in and out London

Missions & Outreaches

We currently run local, national and international outreach and mission programmes for the provision of basic human needs including food, clothing and medical check-ups to local communities and...

The Harvest Foundation

The harvest foundation is part of the work of our national & international mission to bring about worthy physical and emotional help to individuals and communities. The work of the Harvest Foundation is humanitarian in purpose and ranges from providing borehole for water, empowering widows for small scale business to sponsoring a less privilege child through university.

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18 Jun 2021 14:00

A 3 day Mission, Outreach & Evangelism(MOE) Training Event

05 Jun 2021 17:00
27 Feb 2021 17:30

Youth Mental Health & Covid 19
--What is Mental Health
--What Mental Health Problems Exist Specifically among Youth...


2016 CHC autumn gathering

Pastor ........

Rev Kenny Macarthy

Rev Kenny Macarthy

Youth Ministry - raise gifted leaders and world champions!
Ife Grillo was one of the UK debating team that won the world championship in 2016